Devenir's vision and philosophy, the name says it all.  


Devenir's collection is inspired by the classic beauty regimen from the world when everything was derived from nature. Every culture had theirown unique and fascinating traditional regimen to maximize and maintain beauty. For example, French royal Marie Antoinette used Cognac mask and she would also sleep wearing gloves lined with wax rose water and sweet almond oil or how the beautiful seductress Cleopatra added saffron to her legendary milk bath and she regularly used honey mask, apple cider vinegar and grapes. Mysterious beauties from Japan, Geishas have been using Tsubaki, Komenuka, Yomogi and other herbal extracts to maintain their lovely porcelain skin. All these traditional elements are still highly regarded by those in the know and the vast number of disillusioned modern beauty hunters are reverting themselves to traditional methods to pamper their skin. Our skin is porous, and anything we put on it ends up in our blood stream. Surely you won't eat some of these chemicals or additives found in commercial products, so why would you put it on your skin? Devenir would like to offer you the option to be good to your skin help you become who you are. All collections are made with organic active ingredients such as Korean & Japanese herbs, botanical extracts, essential oils and fruits that nourish and enrich our skin. All collections are created from sustainable,certified organic ingredients sourced by the best suppliers in the US. There are absolutely NO synthetic fragrances, GMO, colors or preservatives in Devenirs products. Every soap is made using the traditional cold process method and have been subjected to 2 months of careful saponification. All Devenir's soaps contain more than 10-11 powerful organic carrier oils, butters and essential oils that will nourish and nurture your skin and restore youth. Devenir's products are made in small batches and all the skincare line  is made to order to ensure thehighest quality and performance.


Devenir plans to release beautiful unique new products as well as limited seasonal items in the coming days so do check back and please follow me on Instagram : devenirnewyork & Facebook : devenirnewyork for updates and special sale events.